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  • Where can I park?
    When you are selected as one of our participating exhibitors, you will receive an email stating directions and where you will be permitted to park.
  • Can exhibitors use the loading docks?
    Loading docks will be available during specified set up times. Set up times will be posted at a later date by the artist or dealer coordinator.
  • Is electrical equipment provided by Kawacon?
    Kawacon does not provide electrical equipment. You can contact the electrical suppliers here:
  • Can I buy an additional booth or table if an exhibitor does not show up?
    Booths and/or tables are not offered or sold on the day of the convention. Not under any circumstances are exhibitors allowed to resell tables.
  • Will all exhibitors share the same area?
    The Exhibitor Hall will house both the Artist Alley and Dealers Room. These areas will be separated from each other inside the Exhibitor Hall.
  • Do I need a Sales Tax ID to apply?
    All exhibitors are required to have an active Sales & Use Permit along with a Tax ID to sell at Kawacon upon applying. All applications that are submitted without an active Sales Tax ID or one that is expired, will be removed from application selection.
  • Will an EIN # work as my Sales Tax ID?
    EIN’s will not be accepted as a Sales Tax ID and will disqualify your application.
  • Can I sell adult (18+) content and products?
    Kawacon allows exhibitors to sell 18+ material under the condition that all adult material is covered. All exhibitors must request a State ID or Driver’s license from attendees who are looking to view and/or purchase 18+ adult material.
  • Am I able to leave my merchandise at my table overnight?
    Yes, you may leave your merchandise at your table. The exhibit hall doors will be locked after hours. However, Kawacon and/or the convention center is not responsible for any items that are left behind.
  • Can I give someone else my booth or table if I can't make it to the convention?
    Exhibitors are not allowed to sell or give away their booth and/or table. Exhibitors that cannot make it can request a refund up until December 31st. Kawacon will then proceed with inviting artists and dealers who have applied to the waitlist.
  • Can exhibitors roll over their booth for the following year?
    In the event that Kawacon needs to cancel or postpone the event, exhibitors will have the opportunity to roll over their booth to the rescheduled or following event. Outside of this, under certain circumstances, an exhibitor may roll over their booth at Kawacon’s discretion.
  • Can I pay to participate at multiple events?
    Exhibitors will be asked to reapply every year that they choose to participate.
  • Does my merchandise (product) have to be on the table only? Can I have anything in front of the table or next to my table?
    All merchandise can be arranged however you see fit as long as it is within your designated area.
  • Can we use a table that is empty if an exhibitor doesn't show?
    No. These tables cannot be claimed by exhibitors who are already participating in our convention.
  • Can I switch booth spots with another exhibitor?
    Unfortunately, no. All booths once designated are final.
  • How do I check in on the day of the convention?
    All exhibitors will be notified via email for setup and breakdown processes. You can always contact the corresponding coordinator for any further questions. for artists and for dealers. If you would like to speak to the coordinator the day of the convention, you are welcome to ask a volunteer or staff for assistance.
  • How large are the tables being provided?
    Kawacon will be providing 6’ tables for artists and 8' tables for dealers.
  • How will I locate my table/booth?
    All participating exhibitors will receive an email from the their coordinator explaining their exact location of their placement inside the Exhibitor Hall.
  • May I play music at my booth?
    You are allowed to play music at your booth at a reasonable level. If multiple complaints are made, staff may ask you to lower the volume or turn it off.
  • Are exhibitors allowed to bring bags, luggage, or storage containers to the Exhibitor Hall on the day of the convention?
    Bags, luggage, storage containers, and equipment are allowed in your designated area.
  • Does Kawacon or the HBG provide any type of dolly or carts?
    All exhibitors are responsible for transporting their own merchandise to and from their vehicles.
  • Are exhibitor badges limited to the Exhibitor Hall or do they provide access to the rest of the convention?
    Exhibitor badges will provide exhibitors with full weekend access to the rest of the convention’s public programming.
  • How do I setup electricity for my booth?
    Kawacon does not provide electrical equipment. You can contact the electrical suppliers here:
  • What is the load-in and load-out procedures?
    An email will be sent out prior to the convention letting exhibitors know the process for load in and load out.
  • Where can I apply to be an exhibitor?
    Please visit our website at and click our “Applications” drop-down menu.
  • When will booths and tables be available for this year's event?
    Exhibitor applications will open up on Friday, July 28th. Please visit our website at and click our “Applications” drop-down menu.
  • Are we allowed to apply as both an Artist and Dealer?
    Yes, you can apply as both an Artist and Dealer. However, each application will be treated as separate entries meaning you would be responsible for both the Artist Booth and Dealer Booth if selected for both.
  • How much does a table or booth cost?
    Please refer to the individual applications for booth pricing and inclusions.
  • Can I apply after the deadline has passed?
    No, applications will not be accepted once the deadline has passed.
  • How do I know if my application was successfully submitted?
    A confirmation email will be sent out as soon as your application is submitted.
  • How will I know if my application has been selected?
    All applicants will receive an email verifying whether they will be a participating exhibitor. You will receive an email within a month after applications close. All application postings and closings will be announced on our social media and our newsletter.
  • If I need to make a change on my application, who can I contact?
    You can contact the corresponding coordinator via email at: for artists and for dealers. In order for the coordinator to consider the accurate information you would like to provide on your application, please contact them as soon as possible, preferably before applications close.
  • What would happen if I applied and never heard back from the coordinator?
    If you have not received an email by Sunday, October 1st, please contact the coordinators at: for artists and for dealers.
  • Who can I contact for the status of my application?
    For any questions about your application status, please email the corresponding coordinator; for artists and for dealers.
  • If I am approved as a participating exhibitor for this year’s event, how will I be receiving an invoice?
    All invoices will be sent via email. Your coordinator will provide all the necessary information to complete your registration as an exhibitor.
  • How can I purchase extra badges?
    Each coordinator will be emailing participating exhibitors with instructions on how to purchase additional badges.
  • If I am not happy with my booth placement, am I able to be reassigned to a booth?
    Once the layout has been finalized, booth locations may not be changed or moved.
  • Can I have a booth next to my friend?
    Table arrangement requests must be addressed by both parties via email to the artist or dealer coordinator for approval BEFORE seating arrangements are finalized.
  • Can we be put on a waitlist?
    Upon applying, exhibitors can request whether they would like to be put on a waitlist if a spot becomes available.
  • Am I required to have an exhibitor badge in order to sell at my table? Can my friend who does not have an exhibitor badge sell at my table?
    Yes, you must have an exhibitor badge to sell at your table. Exhibitors will be offered a discounted price for extra badges.
  • Do I have to be at the convention to sell or can I send a Proxy (representative) to sell for me?
    If you are selected as one of our exhibitors, you or a proxy must be present for setup and during operation hours of the convention.
  • Could I request a corner booth or table and add an additional table?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer additional booths or tables. Please refer to the booth packages listed in the application.
  • Will AI art be allowed?
    Artists are not permitted to sell Ai art at the convention. If an artist is found selling AI art, the artist will be subject to removal from the convention and premises.
  • Is water and food provided to artists?
    Kawacon does not provide artists with any type of food or water. Artists are responsible for their own meal and refreshments. The HBG will have concessions open outside the exhibitor hall. There are also food and beverage locations near the HBG within walking distance.
  • Can I share my booth space with another artist?
    If you would like to share a booth with another artist, you are required to specify who will be sharing the booth with you in your initial application. The primary applicant will take sole responsibility of the application, and if selected, purchased space. If you were unable to enter your booth as shared in your application, you can email our artist coordinator for approval before booth arrangements are finalized. Please note that if one artist is removed from the convention due to non-compliance of convention policies, all associated artists will also be removed.
  • What is an Artist Tag?
    Your artist tag is your social media handle or alias that you go by online. Many Artists are known to mark their art with their Artist Tag.
  • Am I able to sell art that isn’t mine?
    All art must be original. If you are found selling unoriginal art, illegal art, or any of the sort, you will be subject to removal from the convention and premises.
  • How are artists chose to participate at Kawacon?
    Each application will be reviewed individually. We will select artists based on application submissions. We try to create a fair and equal opportunity to each artist while providing a wide selection of art for our attendees by using a process of jury and lottery.
  • How can I report unoriginal or stolen art the day of the convention?
    If you spot unoriginal or stolen art, Kawacon would greatly appreciate it if you let staff know as soon as possible. Please provide us with pictures and/or references that will help us complete our investigation.
  • What are artists allowed to sell at the convention?
    Artists are allowed to sell fan-created artwork, original artwork, handmade crafts, and live art pieces made at your booth. Other items that are not originally made, crafted, or a service by the artist are not allowed to be sold at the convention. Unlicensed items will be inspected by staff. Any attempts to sell retail items or food products will result in removal from the convention. Items with copyright or trademarked logos engraved, printed or stamped will also result in removal from the convention.
  • How do I set up Wi-Fi for my booth?
    Although the HBG offers free Wi-Fi, Kawacon highly recommends that you prepare ahead of time for your personal wifi needs. Depending on your service provider, you may run across technical issues with your equipment. Many vendors benefit from bringing their own hotspot. From feedback during past events, T-Mobile users have had difficulties with signal strength in the convention center. You can also purchase internet from the HBG by clicking here:
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