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All attendees must:

  • Always wear and display their Kawacon: 3 Wishes Registration Badge.

  • Wear shoes at all times.

  • Check in any props or accessories that resemble cosplay weaponry before you enter the convention. All props must be inspected & tagged.

  • Respect single-file lines for all convention rooms, events, and purchases. Please do not crowd walkways so that all attendees, including attendees with special needs, can access the convention floors. 

  • Adhere to instructions regarding crowd control and safety guidelines of the event venue and Kawacon Staff. Volunteers will also be available to assist with the directives under Kawacon Staff supervision.


Kawacon welcomes families of all age groups to join the fun. Children, aged 5 and under, are free with a paying adult registration.

Kawacon would like to make this a fun and entertaining experience for all which is why we would like to ensure that all children are always accompanied by an adult.


Kawacon would like to remind our attendees that:

  • Weapons of any kind are not allowed into the convention. All cosplay props and accessories must be inspected before entering the convention center.

  • Recreational/illegal drugs are NOT permitted on the grounds of any Kawacon events.

  • Alcohol is NOT permitted on the grounds of any Kawacon events nor will it be distributed by any venues or vendors.

  • Smoking or vaping of any kind is not permitted on the grounds of any Kawacon event.

  • Sleeping is not allowed in any area of the convention center.

  • ADA Service Animals must adhere to ADA Guidelines found here.

  • Attendees respect the contents of our convention and refrain from taking down Kawacon signs, posters, banners, and other display materials. Kawacon asks that you do not post any posters, banners, or signs that were not admitted through Kawacon staff.

  • Kawacon does not allow hoverboards, skateboards, bicycles, non-ADA scooters, roller skates/rollerblades, or Segways inside the venue.

  • Attendees will respect the furniture of the venue. There will be no tampering with any venue or Kawacon equipment, including but not limited to lobby chairs, couches, curtains, doors, windows, tables, microphones, and video devices. Anyone seeking assistance with technology regarding panels, our dealer room, game room, and artist alley can be referred to Kawacon Staff.


Kawacon is dedicated to providing an enjoyable and memorable experience to all. Our staff guarantees designated seating areas for attendees with disabilities. Kawacon staff is happy to provide the appropriate accommodations and assistance for attendees with disabilities.


Kawacon would like to assure all attendees that our safety and health regulations will be in close accordance with CDC guidelines at the specified time our event takes place. We will be updating any changes to our health regulations at


Cosplay and Dress Code

Kawacon would like to embrace the younger generation and respect all congoers of every age group, which is why we ask that all cosplay is appropriate for ages 13 and under.

We ask that cosplayers refrain from:

  • Any display of profanity on costumes or clothing.

  • Any open display of side boobs, under boobs, or bottoms. Please keep all undergarments worn and fastened appropriately. Private areas must be covered at all times. Guests in excessively revealing attire will be asked to change out or risk being removed from the convention.

  • The venue has a “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policy. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times and may only be removed for photographs.

  • No profanity or graphic sexual imagery may be displayed on costumes or clothing.

  • Grossly offensive outfits, uniforms, or any cosplay to be of heavy shock value will be asked to change out or risk being removed from the convention.

  • Cosplay that resembles medical or law enforcement personnel of any type is prohibited.

Kawacon would like to remind all cosplayers that:

  • Guns and other firearms are not permitted on the grounds of any Kawacon event, regardless of any registered license.

  • All firearm props must have a closed barrel and an orange tip. (Orange tape on paint does not count). The trigger can remain operable only if the slide is inoperable or the gun cannot replicate realistic gunfire.

  • All BB, airsoft, and paintball weapons must be disabled and demonstrated unable to fire. No air puffs or other discharge should be detected at testing. Scopes and laser attachments must be disabled and unable to power on. Removable clips must be empty.
    Water gun barrels and attachment containers should be visibly empty

  • Firing projectiles at any time is not permitted.

  • Aiming props towards people is not permitted.

  • Steel weapons are not permitted on the grounds of any Kawacon event. This includes swords, serrated or sharpened blades, and blunt objects of any kind.

  • All cosplay props and accessories must be inspected before entering the convention center.

  • SAPD has the final say in determining if a prop is too realistic and must be removed.


* If prop check deems a prop unsafe, it will not be allowed to enter the convention.


  • No play fighting, swinging, or throwing props allowed. Unsupervised larping is not permitted within the venue.

  • If you are wearing a large costume with large accessories or props or your cosplay inhibits you from seeing properly, please make sure there is someone to assist you throughout the con.

***Rules & Regulations are subject to change***

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