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Kawa Main Stage

Step into the Performance Room at Kawacon! Enjoy live shows, music, and theatrical performances by talented artists and special guests. Experience the excitement with the largest K/J Dance Battles in the nation, our all-inspiring Cosplay Contest, interactive events, dance-offs, and after-party. A must-visit for unforgettable entertainment!


K/J Dance Battles

Watch talented dancers showcase their skills in the thrilling K/J Dance Battles. Cheer on your favorites, experience electrifying performances, and see who will be crowned the ultimate dance champion. Don’t miss the excitement!


Cosplay Competition

Witness stunning costumes and performances as talented cosplayers compete for top prizes. Marvel at the creativity and craftsmanship on display, cheer for your favorites, and celebrate the artistry of cosplay in this thrilling event!



From electrifying dance routines to soul-stirring musical acts and captivating theatrical displays, immerse yourself in a spectrum of talent and creativity that promises to inspire and entertain.


Ending Ceremony

Meet the staff, learn about the convention, and ask questions during the live Q&A.


Kawadansu After-Party

Keep the energy flowing post-con with music, dancing, and unforgettable vibes. Mingle with fellow attendees, show off your moves, and celebrate a fantastic day with DJs spinning the latest beats.

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