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Kawadansu After-Party Rave Policy:

  • All attendees must have and display their Kawacon: 3 Wishes registration badge in order to attend the dance.

  • No outside food or drinks are allowed.

  • No drugs, alcohol, or other illegal substances are permitted in the dance. Staff may search your belongings for alcohol, drugs, or other contraband at any time. You may refuse to be searched by staff; however, you will not be permitted to enter or remain in the dance.

  • No bags are allowed inside the dance. Kawacon staff are not responsible for bags or items and will not watch your property for you. Please secure your items in your room, vehicle, or locker.

  • Glow stringing, poi, or any dancing involving large props are to be done in designated areas.

  • Shoes are to be worn at all times.

  • Kawacon’s dress code is still in effect at the dance. Review the dress code for more information.

  • Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. DO NOT touch anyone without consent. If you believe to be harassed, please reach out to Kawacon’s security team members.

  • The dance may feature heavy audio and visual elements that could overwhelm the senses; if you are sensitive to loud sounds, flashing lights, fog, and heat, or have a history of seizures, heart disease, asthma, or other serious medical conditions, please avoid the dance.

  • The stage is OFF LIMITS to attendees. Please do not jump on the stage nor jump off the stage or high platforms.

  • Kawacon staff has the right to remove anyone from the dance for any reason.

  • For rules not mentioned in this dance policy; Kawacon’s overall Rules & Regulations apply.

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