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Q: If we are chosen for an artist alley spot does it come with a convention ticket? And may I bring a friend to help?
A: Artist spots will only be supplied with 1 badge any additional will need to be purchased at a discount. Dealer spots come with up to 3 tickets for additional help.

Q: Is it possible to purchase two spaces?
A: At this time, we will only allow Artist/Vendors to apply for 1 booth/space so everyone can have a chance.

Q: Will we be able to pick our own spots or are they going to be set at random?
A: Venue spots will be assigned at random and more information will be sent to those who are selected.

Q: Do all of my items have to be anime/game related?
A: No, not all items sold must be anime/game related.

Q: If I’ve already bought a ticket for the convention and I’m chosen for the artist alley/dealer room, will I be reimbursed?
A: Yes, if you have already bought a ticket to Kawacon and selected for the artist alley, you can either choose to be reimbursed, use it as a pass for a booth buddy, or give it to a friend.

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